Xmas Gifts Picks: Urban Excess


Some picks from the english web store UrbanExcess. Beat the winter weather with the Ignite Chapfur 2 Trapper Hat (30 £) in Red and Black Plaid. Bottle Opener Key ( £ 7.84) is the coolest Bottle opener you could hang from your key chain! Made from tough nickel steel it will be you trusty drinking pal for years to come! From English designer James Jarvis Amos Toys bring the limited edition Kning Ken Mini ( 8.00 £).  Series 1 of these minature Kens includes 5 colourways and a special chaser figure. Gola Classics, the original British sports brand, has joined forces with German pixel art collective eBoy.This eBoy Gola bag (22.00 £) has a classic eBoy pixel style ‘Escape’ design.