Simon Page

Simon Page is a new, up and coming graphic designer from the UK. As well as designing some very diverse and sometimes complex geometric and mathematical print art, Simon also creates fresh typefaces and typography art which really push the boundaries of standard type. We already presented his Year of Astronomy, but his portfolio is full of good works. Can you believe he only started creating self-initiated works in January of 2009?

“Let’s face it most of the time typography isn’t exciting and I love to create original and hard to read designs which really engage people.”


I am a self-taught graphic designer from the UK. I love many aspects of design but my main passions are typography art, illustration and geometric design. I would find it hard to choose a favourite and often I will try and combine these creative fields in to my design work.

I like my work to evolve naturally and not stay too static, often challenging myself with new self-initiated works, regularly showing variations in my creative process.

One Response
  1. Been a fan of Simon for a while now and it’s great too see him getting the press that he deserves.

    Also I think we have yet to see his best work! :)