Blu Dot Real Good Experiment


Blue Dot Studio put 25 of their chairs on the streets of Manhanttan, and then followed the chairs through a combination of GPS and video surveillance as people picked them up and took them home–which, by the way, the public could follow in real time on Twitter. Then the filmmakers interviewed the chair-collectors.

This is the film:


One Response
  1. hehe, nice experiment.
    i specialy love the way, how the show on a selfmade-3D-map where the guys are. I also find, it’s an interesting way to make “advertisment” for a design objekt in this way. i watched the video, liked the chair and would buy it, when i’ll find it and see that the chair isn’t to expensiv ; )

    oh, yeah, i nearly forgoth the squirl-cam or the way how they comment in such a special-FBI-style or… ah, stop it. it’s just a awesome vidoe. thumps up!