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Extremadur[R.A.] is a project by the collective PKMN (pac-man), developed with the 105 inhabitants of the small village of Benquerencia (Spain). The goals were to promote information technology in rural […]


The Glue Society’s “I Wish You Hadn’t Asked”

An art exhibit in Aarhus, Denmark where the Glue Society has constructed a fully operational housing unit which the strange feature that it’s continuously raining inside. For the entire month […]


Eole by Julien Moise

Julien Moise has designed a watch called Eole that displays time when you want to see it. This watch uses wind to produce just enough energy to display the time, […]


Being Henry: An Interactive Film By Range Rover

Being Henry is an interactive film produced for Range Rover, where you control Henry’s destiny. In the process of making choices, you’re also customizing a new, sweet Range Rover to […]


Be Your Own Souvenir

Be Your Own Souvenir by Barcelona-based blablabLAB: attraverso un particolare software, che usa openFrameworks e openKinect, si viene filmati da tre sensori kinect che daranno una scansione a 360° e una […]


The Carmonica by Mini

New Zealand’s Mini and DraftFCB decided to put 330 harmonicas on the exterior of a Mini Clubman to create an angelical sound when the car passes by. Fans can also […]


If you watch movies backwards

If you watch movies backwards is a blog that tells us how famous movies would become if they where told backwords. For example: “If you watch Back to the Future […]



PewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPew is a game where two people use two microphones to control one jet-pack equipped, shape shooting space-man. | via


Gli sgami della nonna: in-da-house

Da vedere, non aggiungo altro…. Sponsorizzato da, ecco il nuovo format da non perdere! Ad ora cinque puntate, tutte dopo il salto….


Midget & Giant

Midget & Giant by Ryuji Nakamura:  webcam like a giant in a world of midgets! Via


Push and store cabinet

Chung-Tang Ho created a cabinet that changes shape during use, a solid volume that opens up when objects are stored within it. The cabinet is in fact a sculpture in the […]


Tug Of War – The Impossible Brief

A few months ago, Saatchi & Saatchi issued a challenge: to solve an impossible briefing. Nothing more than to find a solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. After much controversy and […]