Yasuhiro Suzuki: Please watch your step


“Please watch your step” by japanese artist Yasuhiro Suzuki was one of four public installations organized by the digital public art project at the haneda airport in toyko. suzuki’s floating human shaped balloon was an experiment in getting users to participate in public art. for many, airports can be a place devoid of human emotion with its vast size and long waiting periods. this site intervention hoped to evoke a positive response from by passers and provide an element of humor and surprise to their journey.

it’s important for people to experience and participate in public art, but you can’t get everyone in an airport to do so. however, when I think of the sight of people enjoying my work and some of the others, [I feel that] I want a lot of airport visitors to enjoy the art exhibit.‘ – YS

‘Please watch your step’ is part of ‘technology to create digital art’, a research proposal selected by japanese science and technology agency (JST CREST). it is currently being exhibited at the cyber arts japan exhibition, which celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of the ars electronica festival in linz, austria. the show will be on display until march 22 at the museum of contemporary art, Tokyo. | Via

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