Tuck & Patti @ Auditorium in Rome, 21.04.

When people talk about jazz, it seems often as a distant genre of music because it’s not properly friendly. Is it true? We are not sure about that, but we believe it also depends on personal music orientations obviously.  Tuck & Patti is an american duo close to jazz. Tuck Andress plays the guitar and he is a very good musician specialized in a method that plays tunes, melody and bass notes in the same time. Really difficult but results are really good to hear. Patty comes from folk and gospel background and she puts the sweetness of her voice into the songs. They started their career in 1978 and they have been produced 12 albums until now. We at Polkadot are sure that who know Tuck&Patti appreciate the duo, but we would like suggest the band expecially to the people that would like to approach the jazz for the first time. The good news is that Tuck&Patti will be in Rome tomorrow April 21 for a special gig @ Auditorium Parco della Musica. Don’t miss it. Above you find a special remix from Tuck&Patti of the popular song from Cindy Lauper “Time after time”.