Whether at sport, on an evening out, at work or travelling, the sen7 high-quality universal atomizer gives you the freedom to indulge your impulse – treat yourself to a spray of your favourite perfume and refresh your fragrance at your pleasure. The sen7 story begins with a vision – what if using perfume wasn’t just limited to the perfume bottle at home? And what if a portable atomizer wasn’t just a plain receptacle with a spray head but a stylish and alluring designer object you couldn’t but want to carry around with you? The idea was born!

The guys@sen7 offer to 3 Polkadot readers a chance to get one for free. How? just send an email to to enter the prize draw. On wednesday we will have the 3 winners. The sen7 fragrance atomizer is, in its way, an entirely new form of accessory which not only appeals with its pocket- and even trouser-pocket-friendly dimensions, it also has all the makings of a design classic: produced in solid cast metal, attractive surfaces and colours, the patented innovative spray technology, the accompanying funnel for refilling. Watch the video after the jump…

A simple hand manoeuvre draws the head of the atomizer out of the housing; the tank is then filled from the brand bottle via the inserted funnel by spraying or pouring!


The modern, no-fuss design makes the sen7 an attractive accessory which is a pleasure to hold in your hand and a classic unisex product. The perfect gift for him and her at an equally attractive price. And it doesn’t end there: Even the future of this little design piece also has clear-cut contours: the sen7 design team is planning colours and designs to match the changing seasons and current trends as well as the incorporation of Swarovski stones, engravings and much more – in other words, a wealth of measures which allow the sophisticated atomizer to re-emerge with elegance in the current style again and again. Never has it been so simple and attractive to have your favourite fragrance with you wherever you go… discover sen7! sen7_gold

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