paris review – MERCE AND THE MUSE

Merce, Tess, and Brian – this trio is the bonded operation behind a brand new Paris Coffeehouse so listen up! Located in the northern corners of the 3ème arrondissement, MERCE […]


Merce, Tess, and Brian – this trio is the bonded operation behind a brand new Paris Coffeehouse so listen up! Located in the northern corners of the 3ème arrondissement, MERCE AND THE MUSE is bringing in all sorts of crowds. Families enjoy salads for lunch and youths are discussing travel plans to Chartres, an architect is reading in the corner and locals are enjoying their coffee on the outside bench (finally, that bit of sunshine!).  It’s chill, it’s hip, it’s dynamic.  If you step in, Merce might be sitting in the corner creating the menu while Tess prepares the dough for the next day’s fruit tart.  On the rare moments between crowds, the two madamoiselles adpot a chic Parisian air as they enjoy cigarettes outside their boutique.  Brian keeps up the fight, taking charge of the Marzocco station.  But you will always be regarded by this trio with warm welcomes and happy grins!


Yes, Spaniards and New Yorkers rejoice, this spot is creating Cortados along with the coffee usuals.  Have I mentioned, the cappuccinos are not French absurdities but actual Italian perfections?  The coffee beans are of top quality, imported in just for you from Copenhagen supplier The Coffee Collective.  The recent addition to the drink lineup is the Gabriel, a cappuccino creation of brown sugar TAMPED! down with the coffee and pre-infused into your drink through the machine, adding a whole new layer of delicate sweetness to your coffee.  A serious machine, serious coffees, “only the best here.”  The upper level is entirely dedicated to a light-filled kitchen, the size of which would be every Parisian Chef’s envy.  And what’s it for?  Your salads, lemon tarts, strawberry scones, cheese cakes, carrot cakes, and all other forms of culinary delights that could possibly be imagined.


Designed by interior designer Dorothée Meilichzon, an ocean blue wall along with 1950s wooden furniture gives the café’s interior a warmth needed to contrast and compliment the clean and refreshing entrance. But it’s really the small details that liven this café; a Guild guitar gleaming under the stairs, a Super 8 peeking out of the window at passerby, used books lining the shelves, a carlight mounted on a photo-tripod, a cream colored SMEG refrigerator, a teal typewriter on a table, stacks of magazines sitting on stair treads, and a record player groovin up the café with some James Brown action. Dress up, dress down, you’ll BELONG here in this little piece of Paris. 1 rue Dupuis 75003 Paris. open Tuesday – Sunday.





Tamez Gabriel

designer / photographer / trespasser of abandoned spaces / culinary genius / paul auster / jasper fforde / 2002 montsant / 2007 le difese / 2004-2005 sassicaia / nikon / thekooples / surface to air / dries van noten / six scents / stefanel ties / berlin / paris / brooklyn / tokyo / sophie zelmani / au revoir simone / david bowie / erlend oye / blue velvet / orange marmalade / matte black / ferrari red / intelligentsia / comptoirs richard / ...

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