Mystery Jets at… casa 139

..  British do it  better, there’s no way! (from a music standpoint)
Yesterday I went to casa 139 to listen to one of the most interesting  indie rock bands around at the moment, Mystery Jets.
Aside from the fact that I waited for more than a hour (…which actually means  drinking 2 pints), the delay was rewarded by the splendid atmosphere and the very good tunes.
Old and brand new songs mixed up together for ear’s pleasure, good use of synth, the drummer who manipulates his sticks like a magician, the bass player ready for a stage diving, the guitarist winking at the girls and the frontman delivering his room number. Basically all the ingredients were perfectly combined for a perfect british concert!
Gossip aside, this band is based in  Eel Pie Island in Twickenham (google-map needed) and recorded 3 albums, the last one right this year, Seratonin. Reading different reviews you can find people who really appreciate them, people who find their music “not so bad”. Well, as far as I know, they’re great  (the choirs make me crazy) and they definetely can keep the stage alive!