Iron & Wine “Kiss each other clean”

A lot of people was waiting for the new Iron & Wine album “Kiss each other clean”. The frontman Samuel Beam has said “it will be different from the past”, and he was right. That’s why some people are shocked from the new sound. No more folk style, really. “Kiss each other clean” is a mix of pop ballads and electrojazzy pieces with a seventies background. It’s a surprise at the first listening, but it’s absolutely no bad. The band says that this is the perfect album to listen during a car trip, relaxing but not boring. In our opinion sometimes the ballads are too similar each other, and the best of this album is in the creative pieaces as  in “Me and Lazarus“, “Monkeys“, “Big Burned Hand” and “Your fake name is good enough for me“. However it’s enough to say that is a nice album. Below on streaming “Monkeys”.