Let’s get to know…Moustache Style

Under his moustache, between Twin Shadows lyrics and a pint of beer, Moustache Style describes me his eclecting project.

Fasten your belts, here we go.. . Moustache Style is a cross media project which embraces life styles, cultural comsumption, design, fashion: a line made of different and colourful pieces which domino’s effect creates a flamboyant and creative projects/events. Fashion, art and design through an osmosis process represents the real area where one can really make the difference and let the creativity explode.

His idea starts from a reflection on the time we are living through, a period of recession when you don’t know what to wear or listen and are in desperate need of something personalized, peculiar, different, far away of what multinational are communicating. And selling.

And this is his answer to all these. Unique pieces of furniture design, fashion, accessories and interesting video installation, events aimed at spreading tailored made consultancy and culture.

Watch out guys because Moustache Style will be at the Fuori salone 2011 in Milan with a space at Cascina Cuccagna (Porta Romana Design District, Milan). With his new project melting up-to-date elements furniture design, polisensorial events and even food, you will not be disappointed for sure.
Take your time to explore and live this absorbing site … and don’t forget to tell him what you think of his Moustache, style.

Photos by Giuseppe de Mattia/Michele Messinese