Fleet Foxes: “Helplessness Blues”

After 3 years from the first successful album, it’s now out the new Fleet Foxes release ” Helplessness Blues“. The Seattle band has confirmed and improved the traditional folk attitude, more than before. And that’s why they’ve used a lot of different instruments as the 12-string guitar, the hammered dulcimer, zither, upright bass, wood flute, tympani, Moog synthesizer, the tamboura, the fiddle, the marxophone, clarinet, the music box, pedal steel guitar, lap steel guitar, Tibetan singing bowls, vibraphone. Vocal’s arrangements have been also spread into the twelve songs, so nice in “The Plains – Better Dancer” (in streaming above) where the Fleet Foxes style appears properly but it’s a little bit hard to listen considering the whole release. Just “The Cascades” is a sweet and ancient instrumental ballad,  different from the others pieces and so good. Basically a well played album, nothing new, absolutely folk, and if you like this kind of music i’m sure you will enjoy it.