A 500 car made by Biochar, Nikawa Glue, Soybean Wax..total biological, can you believe it? Minetta is a proactive and sustainable design inspired and influenced by a sense of nostalgia and the rich history of Italian automotive design, in celebration of the once dictating industry of an economic boom. An object that defines a new function, being a part in the cycle of environmental resources that has been consumed, acts to improve the fertility of soil and helps to effectively reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Minetta is a fully biodegradable, healthy and nourishing piece for the environment. Limited edition of 500 numbered units. Designed by ScoopDesign, buy it here.

Biochar is a stable form of charcoal that removes carbon from the athmosphere, brings soil to life, and improves water quality and plant production. Based on the technologies of ancient Amazonians, modern biochar technologies can be sustainably used to drastically improve the health fo our planet.