Varpunen sacks

Jussi runs a tiny one man print company in Helsinki, Finland. His wife Susanna is a interior designer and a journalist in a finnish interior design magazine DEKO. They united their forces and that’s how the Varpunen sacks were born. They’re made of material that is normally used for outdoor banners so they can also …


El Camino Helsinki by Tsto

El Camino Helsinki is the audio design studio of Marko Nyberg, an artist and a producer.
Its great identity project was designed by Tsto (a one year old creative agency based in Helsinki) which based El Camino’s identity around an embossing stamp and a custom typeface.The forms of the typeface were shaped from ten geometric modules, …



Born in a small village in the Alps called “Piussogno”, whose name, although it doesn’t appear in most of the maps, already says it all about her, I’m introducing you to Polly Bird Balitro, a young and talented photographer who, after having studied Photography at IED in Milan, in 2010 moved to Helsinki to follow the exclusive and innovative Master in Environmental Art. It’s here that she still lives, as she tells, in a small loft in an ancient building which she could have never afforded in Milan. “From her window-she’s proud to add- she can even see the sea”.