D by White Denim

The fourth official record from White Denim “D” is out- this four-piece band based in Austin, Texas just released a full length album with Downtown Records. Check it out if you like a layered, deep sound and artists that can master and expertly mix eclectic influences: garage and progressive rock, psychedelic music, jazz, blues and even a sprinkle of country music. They also do great live shows so don’t miss them; they’re on tour in the US now and will be doing festivals in the UK from late August.


Record Store Day

Don’t forget: April 16, 2011 is Record Store Day! Hundreds of indie records stores, fans and artists all over the world celebrate all things music through countless gigs, performances, limited releases and much more.

For example Radiohead will release a limited edition two track EP on 12? vinyl which will be available in Europe and Japan only. Alternative/underground …


Colours with Grouplove

Let’s image the fascinating isle of Crete and its amazing crystal-coloured sea, white and windy beaches, then  take a girl who is a painter and her friend, a surfer, two globetrotters and mixed them up with the freshness of summer holiday feeling. This is, more or less, the legend of  how  Grouplove met …


I am the Buffalo: the Phoenix Foundation

Most of the times  indie rock bands come from UK or Usa, yet very far-away land as New Zealand hide some very good groups as, for example, the Phoenix Foundation .

This six-piece band (with changes in the line-up during past years)  was formed in Wellington more than 13 years ago and yes, for people who …


The Duke Spirit

Amongst all the Christmas songs of this cold December, I am listening to some very good tunes from a London based indie rock band called The Duke Spirit.  The song sounds like “Everybody’s under your Spell” and previews the new EP called Kusama.

Two previous albums “Cuts across the land” and “Neptune” and wide supporting experience …


Let the Catwalk rule

Who has never dreamt of showing off on the catwalk,  just for once in his life? Sure, this band will grow (cos they barely have the age to drink in the States) and have the success they deserve.

We are talking about another fresh group from the west Coast with a very trendy name: CATWALK.

2005: their story …


What a Pity (party)!

H&M is not only the name of one of my favourite chains to run at on Saturdays…. These two letters are the initials of Heisenflei and Marc (better known as only M), the Pity Party.

This cool duo was born and raised in Los Angeles, and actually is one of the thousand indie rock bands which …


La Roboterie

La Roboterie ritorna a Milano. Nato a Roma con un forte imprinting dato dalla collaborazione con dj berlinesi, l’esercito dei robot conquista le notti bolognesi e milanesi, imponenendosi come il place-to-be delle notti alternative. Il “teknoelettroproject” italiano esplora i confini tra musica e arte sperimentando molteplici modi espressivi: musica nu-rave&indie-rock, …