El Camino Helsinki by Tsto

El Camino Helsinki is the audio design studio of Marko Nyberg, an artist and a producer.
Its great identity project was designed by Tsto (a one year old creative agency based in Helsinki) which based El Camino’s identity around an embossing stamp and a custom typeface.The forms of the typeface were shaped from ten geometric modules, …


The Alphabet

A spelling-video, where each character is the initial letter of a font name, by Alessandro Novelli.


Star Wars Typo

Super cool typography use in these Star Wars inspired posters by Milan-based H-57 Creative Station.


Oded Ezer

Oded Ezer is an extraordinary Israeli typographic artist and type designer. He stands out for his unconventional ideas which has transformed the concept of typography: many of his creations often are inspired by sources not related to typeface like nature, architecture, and science. Ezer’s works cannot be simply categorized under the name “typography”  since fonts …


Keep Calm Gallery

The original poster Keep Calm and Carry On was issued upon the outbreak of World War 2 as a means of allaying public fear. The poster was held in reserve for use only in times of extreme crisis. Although thousands were produced, only a handful ever saw the light of day. …