Introducing// Lizzie and The Yes Men

Gallipoli, Summer Lottarox Festival. Very hot night. Amongst all the interesting bands which we had the very lucky chance to listen to, there’s one in particular with a retrò flavour.. […]

Gallipoli, Summer Lottarox Festival. Very hot night. Amongst all the interesting bands which we had the very lucky chance to listen to, there’s one in particular with a retrò flavour.. I’m talking about, Lizzie and The Yes Men which have just released a video for their brand new single, Deserts.


Their soul is made of motown, 80’s pop, punk, jazz, northern soul, hip-hop, Brit pop etc. We had a nice chat with the super-blond singer, Lizzie Holdforth, that told us how it all started…

So guys I know your story starts in a bar in East London. How did it go?
I’ve known Keir, Andy and Brenden for a few years now, but they did not know each other before joining the band. We’d bump into each other from time to time and chat about music and what each other were currently working on. It just so happened that when I decided to look for my ‘Yes Men’ I bumped into them in various east end pubs, and when I mentioned my plans for the new band they wanted to be involved, and a few weeks later Lizzie and the Yes Men was formed. You’ll always meet a musician in the east end of London, we are everywhere!

I know you’re very influenced by Tarantino, which on of his films represent you best?
Pulp Fiction, From Dusk Till Dawn, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, they ALL have great soundtracks! There’s always a certain style to the song choices Quentin Tarantino makes. Deserts rock, blues, surf, punk, Mexicana, songs such as Urge Overkill’s ‘Girl You’ll be a Woman Soon’, Dick Dale’s ‘Miserlou’ or The 5678’s ‘Woo Hoo’ are all great examples of timeless, classic songs that have become synonymous with Tarantino movies. We try and write songs that would suit his soundtracks, keeping a cinematic element in everything we do. And of course, it’s always helpful to give yourself guidelines and standards to stick to when making music. ‘Tarantino Surf Pop’ is our guideline. If I had to choose one film to represent Lizzie and the Yes Men i’d choose Pulp Fiction.

I know you’ve been to Italy and I had the pleasure to see you live during Lottarox Summer Festival. have you got some pictures to show us?
I do have some photos, I enjoy photography and I got some nice shots from the South of Italy, all on real film. Here’s my favourites!!

You live and rehearse in London, how is the musical atmosphere out there?
Overwhelming, to be honest, but exciting! There are so many bands and artists here, it’s a musical melting pot. There’s always a great gig round the corner. We are spoilt for choice. The atmosphere is creative and competitive.

Is there any bands you like to follow now?
Really liking Savages at the moment, I saw them at The Shaklewell Arms in Dalston, was a very special gig, 3 months later they were on Jools Holland. I saw Father John Misty last week at XOYO, i’m really liking the album Fear Fun. And Alt J. I’ve been a fan for a while now. I was really happy that they won the Mercury Prize, was well deserved!

Plans for the future?
An album, it’s all about making it happen and finishing something we can be proud of! And a tour, but an album first.

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