the Goodfella

The Goodfella is a precision-made metal shaving tool inspired by the old fashioned method of shaving.  Using the latest design and technology coupled with carefully sourced modern materials, The Goodfella ensures the absolute best quality shave is achievable for all good Kiwi fellas out there. With an understated elegance this new razor is classic in appearance and 100% produced and hand finished in New Zealand. A skilled team of experts who are passionate about the art of shaving have developed and produced The Goodfella – bringing it to the New Zealand market complete with a lifetime guarantee.

The Goodfella uses one double edged blade at the optimum cutting angle for a smooth, stress free shave. The revolutionary new product allows Kiwi blokes to discover the lost art of shaving, turning the daily chore into a daily pleasure that promises to improve skin condition and appearance. Designed to last a lifetime, The Goodfella not only improves the owner’s carbon footprint with no more plastic razors, blade cartridges or batteries to throw away – but ends up saving the owner money by not having to repurchase any of these items ever again.

“A superior shave is best-achieved using quality shaving products and techniques.” says Andrew James, creator of the Goodfella. “Over the past twelve months we have been developing the design of the razor with some very bright Kiwi’s and it’s something all good Kiwi fellas will enjoy.”