RearViewMirror magazine


Photo © Justin Jin  | courtesy of RVM

One hundred pages, 16 x 24 cm in size, a cover encompassing front-to- back the magazine within the horizon of a single click: RearViewMirror – published by Postcart – is a new quarterly magazine dedicated to documentary photography. In the bulls’ eye of its target, RVM puts photojournalistic reportage, explored, even beyond traditional codes, with various approaches: hardly reassuring, more unexpected (and less prone to mainstream publishing specifications), provided it remains faithful to the magazine’s declared vocation of telling stories. Photography is a language, an exercise in selecting one’s own point of view, a criterion of knowledge of the world we live in, an access key to its surprising places, unfamiliar lives and untraveled roads

Starting from the cover, RVM follows a storytelling thread: choosing a shot which, all by itself, makes up a story. But is also a door ajar on a broader photographic work which will not dwell in RVM printed pages, but will lead readers directly to the website, an extension of the magazine’s structure offering a wider field of view.
Photography on Board is a photography workshop on a ship with two renowned photographers (Massimo Berruti and Massimo Sciacca, both winners of the World Press Photo) organized by RVM. May 15-16-17-18 , Rome-Barcelona-Rome, making practice and theoretical lessons. More informations here.


Photo © Justin Maxon  | courtesy of RVM