Sort of Coal

From the 13th Century, the Japanese have been producing high quality White Charcoal, known for its ability of purifying water and air. Sort of Coal introduces this holistic knowledge to the west via contemporary hand-made products, emphasizing both the function and theaestetic of White Charcoal.

We often benefit from the purifying effects of charcoalwithout even realizing it – filters in water systems,protection in masks, and in medicines are a fewexamples. These are modern methods that take advantage of respected ancient concepts and techniques. Sort of Coal has developed a range of home products produced by hand that are derived from eco-friendly activated charcoal. These pure products can protectand enrich us for a moment and for a lifetime.


The purifying ability of White Charcoal is a natural phenomenon known and used in Japan for several centuries.The concept of White Charcoal products is both holistic and scientific. Sort of Coal is proud to introduce White Charcoal in a range of products ( with a very nice and elegant packaging) designed for purifying water, air and the body – enriching the daily life. Sort of Coal’s White Charcoal is Biochar, recyclable and CO2 friendly.