berlin review- MEIN HAUS AM SEE

Williamsburg grunge oozing Berlin attitude + a hint of French flair = Mein Haus am See in trendy Mitte, just off Rosenthaler Platz. It’s framed between two concrete walls, exposed and raw. Paint is peeling off the walls but the 1950s furniture only helps in creating a timeless, elegant character. The cafe/bar is a contrast of vibe between structure and spatial quality. But it works!

The espresso machine commands its own table by the door, treated as an art piece, glorified. The bar stretches across a wall, bent plywood chairs adorned with steel bases. With an all glass storefront, natural light is allowed to bounce off the whitewashed ceiling and flood the interior with warm light. An artist sketches the bar from her seat. Three fashionable girls whisper and giggle. A 24yr-ish DJ discusses a gig with a young client and a businessman reads his daily news over a cup of coffee. This is a collective – not a conflict – of bad-boy Berlin flashing his classy chic. Open 24 hours so Berliners wanting your 5am nightcap, stop by!