Maquina de la Amistad


Many countries celebrate the day of friendship dates rather different. In Argentina, the Dia del Amigo is traditionally celebrated on July 20.
This type of appointment is always interesting to brands that take the opportunity to implement specific operations. Coca-Cola Argentina is no exception to the rule in his concept of reusing beverage dispenser. Already in use in the United States to highlight the joy in sharing the distributor Coca this time is staged around the concept of friendship and mutual assistance. The agency Ogilvy Argentina has designed a distributor giant whose slot for sliding the currency rises to more than 2 meters. We must therefore help each other to get the “precious beverage. After this effort, the two friends get two bottles for the price of one.
Very specific action, the “Maquina de la Amistad” can once again push Coca sharing his philosophy and good mood to talk to her on the canvas. | via


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