berlin review – SHUSTA STYLE


Shoes from Denmark, shoes from Portugal, shoes from Sweden, shoes from Spain, shoes from Germany – this is the shoe/bag store that you dream about in your deepest sleep cycles….or drool over. Fortunately, it does exist in real life! Next to a couple of the best coffeehouses of Berlin, this Rosenthaler Strasse boutique by name of SHUSTA STYLE doesn’t Bling at you. The interior – as is the welcome – is invitingly warm but keeps a professionally crisp and fresh atmosphere.  Industrial lamps hang from the ceiling and low-level lighting showcase the products. The idea, to let the products speak for themselves, each one occupying its own space on the wall shelves, glorified as art pieces worth examining and appreciating. Women on the left, Men on the right, seating in the center. (Pleeeeaaase pause and try the shoes?!?!?! We fell in love with a canvas bag ourselves, dark green with brown leather satchel-like strappings.) Who said looks can’t be comfortable as well? In Berlin’s rain and snow, these suckers will keep you warm, in style. And care for a bit of traveling? Those bags will have you belonging in the pages of Monocle Fashion; understated but with eye-turning abilities. After all, their motto is: accessories&lifestyle!