Happy-Go-Lucky tunes and Growlers


I don’t know if it was because of the beautiful (and, to tell the truth…strange in Milan) warmy September sun of this weekend, but I was wandering through youtube videos when I have been lighted by the “fresh” riff of  this group called the Growlers.

Let’s move ourselves in California,  take six guys, a couple of guitars, bass guitar, drums and a beer (or maybe six) and here’s a band! Brooks Nielson (vocals) Scott Montoya (bass guitar, vocals), Matt Taylor (lead guitar, vocals) and Brian “don’t surf” Stewart (drums, vocals) are the stylish, cool, young, good mover Growlers, with very low budget for making music and gigs but they definitely feel the flow!

If you listen to one of their songs,  let’s take Sea Lion Goth Blues, you’ll actually have the feeling of being at the beach, with a beer, watching the waves or waiting for the perfect ones, the “just-left summer state of mind” of doing nothing, relaxing, just cruising.. or dance with your arms flowing into the air..

Check them out, and let’s wait for the next sunny weekend!