Galandum Galundaina

Galandum Galundaina, a band from Portugal just won the 1st edition of the Megaphone Awards.
I have travelled many times to a small village in the interior of Portugal called Sendim, and i just found out from a friend that Galandum Galundaina are from this small village.

Every year Sendim organizes a very nice festival that happens at the same time as the village old festivities. It is called Sendim Interceltic festival.
Their are crafts, traditional Celtic music, food, dance worshops and the famous celtic liquors. Take a look to a video i made during my trip to Sendim. | Via

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  1. Their latest album has just been elected 8th album of the year by Blitz Magazine Music Magazine in Portugal. And as a matter of fact they sing not in Portuguese but a dialect called “”mirandês” which is also 2nd official language in Portugal.