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Illustrated window

On Saturday, November 26 we were illustrating one of the windows at the Vegetarian Restaurant Paladar da Alma.


The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble feat. Emika

I have been listening alot Emika and came across this live song from may this year. Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble made the music arrangements for the theme Pretend, recorded live at Concertgebouw/Kamermuziekzaal Brugge. Can’t stop listening to it. The video is by Park Bennett.


Hudson – Against the grain

It’s a beautiful day out side :)
Hudson’s indie-folk music video “Against the grain” was directed by Dropbear.


The Falcons – Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf is an artist always changing shape, color, his way of performing. This past june came out his new album Lupercalia. “Songs about love are obviously the most common […]


David Lynch – the 3 Rs

David Lynch dosen’t direct a film since 2006 – “Inland Empire”. This doesn’t mean that he is not the same outstanding, controversial artist.
He has been busy with writing for the web, Animations, Publicity and Music.
This video is a trailer for the Vienna International Film Festival made by him.


2012 Calendar

Time goes by really quickly, no? It’s almost a cliche to say this, but in fact it seems that time passes faster and faster with each new year. Why is […]


Nut Milk

WOW… I think i am going to trie this for breakfast tomorrow morning – Brazil nutz and water. Video recipes : My New Roots. Via 2.2 Studio



Photos by João Bento Soares The Autumn’s nostalgia is back, after an authentic October summer. It is unfortunate that the days are getting colder, but on the other hand, there […]


Flowers Delivery

Flowers Delivery takes a different step. With a small story underlined, the images stand up in a very smooth travelling frame. Direction of Andrey Muratov, flower design of Belara Martis […]


Who are you?

When i saw this for the first time i started to smile a lot mainly because of the little beings with human legs.
The music is from Kathryn Calder (New Pornographers) directed by Jesse Ewles and Cameron Tomsett. | Via 2.2 Studio


Stuff. Stuff. Stuff.

We at 2.2 love PSYOP’s work and we love also our “stuff”. Their idea for “Stuff Anthem” was to go into the life of a character and see how he […]


Flash on the beach 2011

Every year designers get together in Brighton for another “Flash on the beach” Conferencies and every edition a new artist gets the invitation to create the opening credit for the […]