Wally, a star in stripes

No design lover, nerd or timewaster in the world can’t really forget Wally (or Waldo for U.S. and Canada). This tiny hero in striped sweater and striped bonnet who lives in a striped world crowded with striped friends was created in 1987 by British designer Martin Handford and has since been published in over 50 countries and more than 25 languages. Some scenes are made up of more than 900 figures and the first Where’s Wally book took more than 2 years to create. Wally’s adventures have brought him to the beach, outer space, to other worlds and throughout time. In recent times, Melanie Coles, a young web designer and artist, has set out to stimulate an intriguing Where’s Waldo viral game to be played in the high-tech, ultra-modern version with Google Earth: she has hidden a huge painting on a rooftop somewhere in Vancouver, in hopes that it will appear on Google Earth and she is encouraging others to follow her lead and create a network of Google Earth Wallys across the world.

So do not stop to look for Wally even in the most absurd places. He could be much closer than you think.

PS. Have you found Wally in the first pic on the beach?

And at last Wally.. spotted during the Fashion Week!