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This guy’s a damn hot head

Have you always wanted to keep your head warm with an enormous slice of pizza? Now you can. Australian master of knitting Phil Ferguson, FKA ChiliPhilly, is now breaking the […]


My Santa is better than yours

Tired of the classic Dickensian Christmas cards, all reindeers and crackling fireplaces? This year you can amaze your fashionista friends with a finally up to date Santa, to enrich your […]


The sky is your canvas

OK, starting from now, the sky is a better place to dream of. French artist Thomas Lamadieu / aka Roots Art / has decided to start taking fisheye photos of […]


Rock band Icons

Are you in the mood for a little music quiz? Spanish graphic design studio Tata&friends has produced this huge set of “rock band icons”, minimal posters which rewrite the names […]


A handy marketing guide?

Maybe because the sun of culture is low and so dwarves cast long shadows, but fictional Don Draper is nowadays considered the ultimate honorary marketing god. So the award winning […]


Packaging guys really know how to cha-cha[nel]

OK, in the last day almost everything has already been said about the 80 y.o. French kiddo’s ultimate coup de théâtre. Yes of course it’s Karl Lagerfeld and yes of […]


Hungry of new horizons? Enjoy foodscapes

That’s-food-for-your-hungry-eyes. There’s nothing more to say: this stunning series of Foodscapes by London-based photographer Carl Warner is actually created out of fresh foods and will leave you breathless! Recently famous […]


A summer dejavu: oh, turntables!

Dreaming of a picnic moment, green grass and lemonade, a checkered table cover, white linen dresses? Or a lonely beach, raccoon hats? Wes Anderson would appreciate it, but of course […]


Cassettes won’t listen

The discreet charm of outmoded objects is still safe and sound: from typewriters to intercoms, from lomo cameras to dial telephones to vinyls, all of us is secretly in love […]


Inside the Music – Print Campaign

This year, Berliner Philarmonic Orchestra wants to touch our inner chords. No tricks, no vectors, no graphic art: Berliner agency Scholz & Friends has created this astonishing print campaign using […]


Back to Basics: from paper to paper

Welcome back Eigthies! Thanks to the creative duo of Zim&Zou (Lucie Thomas + Thibault Zimmermann, both 25 y.o.), a French studio based in Nancy, 80’s style is now alive and […]


Art + Copy is the new Sonny + Cher

All famous couples in history made the difference through their complementary qualities. Think to Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, Starsky and Hutch, Bart and Milhouse, […]