Ane Brun

“Do you remenber” video is the first chapter from a short film based on Ane Brun’s Music.
The Director for the whole project is Magnus Renfors and he talks about the project and the work relation between Ane and him.

“Ane’s music is like a great ocean housed under the roof of a great old theater, where pictures are hung from the threads of the music shooting out, so it really does the job itself. That said, the images require a certain height and a substantively dramatic level, otherwise the music, sometimes so sublime and skin tingling, can rush over the head of the visual aspects. Ane and I have done stuff together since 2003 and already on the last album we talked about doing something bigger, more coherent, and this time it was really the one. ” – Magnus Renfors

The film is produced by Hobby film Stockholm and it will be premiered in autumn 2011. | Via 2.2 Studio