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Talking Tree

Initiated by the EOS Magazine and created by Happiness Brussels, A 100 year old tree, living on the edge of Brussels, was hooked up to a fine dust meter, ozone meter, light […]



The world’s smallest stop-motion animation character shot on a Nokia N8. Professor Fletcher’s invention of the CellScope, which is a Nokia device with a microscope attachment, was the inspiration for […]


The big mosquito party

To advertise it’s anti-mosquito outdoors line, Playground Outdoors Equipment Stores created the Big Mosquito Party. A part of the store was filled with mosquitos and people were invited to join […]


Abner Preis: “The Superhero Project”

In The Superhero Project by Abner Preis, we find the artist (as hero) performing by going to work in different cities around the world. His job is to transform experience, […]


Dolph Lundgren vs. Unicorn

What are the benefits of Norton Internet Security 2011? Well, for one thing, it helps protect your unicorn from Dolph Lundgren. More here. | via


My Own Private Milano

Prendete 20 non milanesi, dategli una macchina fotografica e lasciate che scattino una foto. Poi prendete 20 milanesi, dategli quell’immagine e ditegli di ricamarci sopra una storia. Così è nato […]



Leggere resta di moda. | via


Gregor Calendar by Patrick Frey

Industrial designer Patrick Frey’s “Gregor Calendar” poignantly illustrates the unbearable lightness of being by slowly unraveling with the passage of time into a useless heap on the barren floor of infinite […]



To protest the irritation of constant surveillance, Thomas voor ‘t Hekke and Bas van Oerle, working under the name “Helden,” conceived of a project called “panoptICONS,” which involves placing “camera birds” — […]


Your Fish Will Die If You Waste Water!

We all know the importance of saving water. But to some people, they think water is the most abundant natural resources that they could just take for granted. Unfortunately, most […]


Berlin bombed with 100,000 poems

On Tuesday, August 28, the Chilean arts collective Los Casagrande dropped 100,000 poems from the sky onto the Lustgarten in Berlin to celebrate poetry and condemn acts of war. The action […]


Arcade Fire Teams With Google Maps for Interactive Video

Go and type in your childhood address at to play the new, interactive video for the song “We Used To Wait” by Arcade Fire. You’ll get the best experience with the Google […]