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Con questa frase iniziano le ultime quarantotto ore di vita degli LCD Soundsystem, band che con soli tre album all’attivo è riuscita a diventare l’icona di una nuova corrente “alternative rock” nata a Brooklyn, cresciuta a Londra e apprezzata in tutto il mondo.

Quarantotto ore racchiuse nel film diretto da Will Lovelace e Dylan Southern. Una …


TATTLY designy temporary tattoos

Tina Roth Eisemberg a.k.a. swissmiss è una designer svizzera trapiantata a Brooklyn, NY, dove vive con il marito e la figlioletta. Proprio per quest’ultima ha ideato TATTLY designy temporary tattoos, una collezione di tattoo temporanei con la collaborazione di altri validi designer statunitensi, canadesi ed europei.
Seppur ideati principalmente per i bambini, stanno spopolando tra gli …


World War Music – interview with Biet Simkin

Flavius Vegetius Renatus famously stated, “Si vis pacem, para vellum” or “If you want peace, prepare for war.” What he failed to mention is that there are and will always be wars to be fought. The writers here at POLKADOT bring war to your world, picking apart and analyzing, criticizing or praising, the work of artists who in turn wage their own battles, dedicating themselves to their particular aspirations.

Today, POLKADOT introduces you to Biet Simkin, the name behind the music of a New York City band: WORLD WAR. We had an opportunity to interview Biet about her music and she surprised us by astutely asserting that “the real world war is internal. Just over the years I have become less hard on the edges. I maintain that we are all at war with something great.” She describes her own music as romantic and simple but with a heartbreak beat.


HIGHLINE AT 23RD – Jon Kleinhample

Exploding Plastic Inevitable – Highline at 23rd

Operating out of a PrenzlauerBerg Altbau, Berlin based architect and designer Jon Kleinhample is not just another design upstart.  His starkly white homepage masks a series of independent and professional work with a broad range.  The design project Exploding Plastic Inevitable is an exploration into the agglomeration of …


Bond No.9 New York – Brooklyn

The creative new Brooklynites are no mere space invaders.  They’re creating their own lifestyle and sense of community, while loving the built-in amenities—Prospect Park and the Bandshell, the Brooklyn Museum, BAM—the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the West Indian Day Parade, McCarren Park.  And where are their neighborhoods?  DUMBO, Greenpoint, and Bushwick, …