ADVERTISING / Experiment

EXPERIMENTO COMPARTE: gesti piccoli per gente grande

– Se potesse cambiare qualcosa, cosa cambierebbe?-
– Risolverei il problema della fame nel mondo-

Chissà quanti ancora rispondono in questo modo a quella fatidica domanda, termometro della sensibilità e dell’impegno sociale di chi, come tutti, non sa neanche da dove cominciare per cambiare qualcosa.
E paradossalmente un piccolo suggerimento arriva da un gruppo di creature, attori inconsapevoli …

Experiment / INTERACTIVE


Extremadur[R.A.] is a project by the collective PKMN (pac-man), developed with the 105 inhabitants of the small village of Benquerencia (Spain). The goals were to promote information technology in rural areas and to foster identity and civil engagement.

Benquerencia has become the first augmented-reality town of the net. Visit the website and meet virtually its nice …


The Glue Society’s “I Wish You Hadn’t Asked”

An art exhibit in Aarhus, Denmark where the Glue Society has constructed a fully operational housing unit which the strange feature that it’s continuously raining inside. For the entire month of June, visitors can enter the house and observe the ensuing decomposition of the building from the constant rainfall.

ART / Barcelona

Be Your Own Souvenir

Be Your Own Souvenir by Barcelona-based blablabLAB: attraverso un particolare software, che usa openFrameworks e openKinect, si viene filmati da tre sensori kinect che daranno una scansione a 360° e una sorta di stampante 3D ci ricostruirà come un piccolo soldatino di plastica, il tutto in pochi istanti…

Experiment / MILAN

My Own Private Milano

Prendete 20 non milanesi, dategli una macchina fotografica e lasciate che scattino una foto. Poi prendete 20 milanesi, dategli quell’immagine e ditegli di ricamarci sopra una storia. Così è nato “My Own Private Milano”: orizzontale e dalla blogsfera. Scaricabile gratuitamente in pdf. | via

Experiment / INTERACTIVE


Racer is an analogue recreation of a coputer racing game in the style of the classic WipeOut.It consists of a modified vintage arcade machine, a RC model car with a wireless camera,an a self-constructed racetrack/game level made entirely from cardboard. | Via & Via


Requiem for a Thought

Text message in the thoughts of the strange character lurking along the wall. The interactive bubble reveals the characters inner thoughts, as it tracks the characters movements. A collaboration piece between Paul Notzold’s TXTual Healing and Jared Gradinger with Pictoplasma. This piece was made during Les Grandes Traversees festival in Bordeaux France in July of 2010. | via

Experiment / MISC

Schoolboy makes Spiderman machine

A Cambridge schoolboy has converted two budget vacuum cleaners into a Spiderman gadget which helps him scale walls.
Hibiki Kono, 13, a big fan of the superhero, made the incredible climbing machine using the suction from two Tesco Value vacuum cleaners. The schoolboy then amazed his friends by using the giant suckerpads to climb the school …


Blu Dot Real Good Experiment

Blue Dot Studio put 25 of their chairs on the streets of Manhanttan, and then followed the chairs through a combination of GPS and video surveillance as people picked them up and took them home–which, by the way, the public could follow in real time on Twitter. Then …