No Curves: agli artisti piacciono le sneaker

A volte si tende a considerare artisti e illustratori come personaggi al di fuori di uno stile di vita fatto, anche, di passioni più immediate, viscerali, emotive. Una di queste è sicuramente quella legate alle scarpe: sarà perché sono ciò che ci congiunge al pianeta Terra, ma ammettiamo di avere un particolare debole per loro, …

Max Zorn

Max Zorn: art is mixing tape

Street art is evolving as fast as urban cultures. After the never ending fight between graffiti art (RobboWar) and new forms of street expressions, like stenciling (Bansky), now it’s time to experience different styles and materials.
Amsterdam based artist Max Zorn is able to create stunning works, using packing tape and a scalpel as his only tools. He actually uses only a single tape on a transparent surface (plexiglas), creating several layers – and so light effects – as he goes along.


Packing tape Art

Mark Khaisman was born in Kiev, and studied art and architecture in Moscow, Russia. He currently lives and works in Philadelphia, USA. He spends hours to recreate photographs and movie scenes only using scotch tape!