Alyssa Zukas tshirts

Alyssa Zukas, from LA and also known as Two String Jane, creates great tees from t-shirts and sweatshirts by Urban Outfitters, for which she used to work.
Check out more about her, here.


Biciclista +

Biciclista is born from enthusiast cyclists, people that ride bikes, any bikes. Biciclista products are made to be at home equally at a criterium or at 24hr MTB race, commuting, travelling around Europe with bags and a tent, Singlespeeding, for a Sunday morning ride with the family or to go out …


Bumpy Pitch

Bumpy Pitch is a lifestyle clothing company inspired by Soccer.  The brand is focused on presenting the history, culture and lifestyle that the sport has to offer, combined and influenced by the creators own contemporary and original perspectives.  Soccer positively influences vast people worldwide, and Bumpy Pitch encapsulates this spirit in …


Monsieur Steve + contest

We @ Polkadot are great fans of Steve Whe, the Artisan sérigraphe. His designs, on American Apparel tshirts, are often music inspired, featuring lyrics from Justice, Daft Punk, or paying tribute to Serge Gainsbourg. We had the chance to ask him some questions ( by Facebook, can you believe it?). Read …