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What’s It Like Being Young in China?

“We All Want To Be Young in China” is a 3-minute crash-course on the evolution of China’s contemporary youth culture and what it means to be young in China today. […]


Birthmark Tattoo

As the name suggests, Birthmarks Tattoos, are fake – but permanent – birthmarks that you can add to your body. Aside from its decorative potential, Birthmarks Tattoo makes it possible […]


Future of Transport: 3D Fast Bus

A innovative new light-rail concept unveiled in China this week is designed to drive over traffic. The 3D Fas Bus or ‘Straddling Bus’ offers a green solution solution to traffic […]


Honda’s Hipster Hatchback

Honda have just released a hilarious digital campaign called “Jazz Packing” for their compact Jazz (equivalent of the Honda Fit for US readers). The campaign features an extremely well executed […]


Chinese Post-Rock from Wang Wen

Wang Wen (??) is a post-rock band from Dalian, China. The five-piece released their fifth album in April and it really jams. You may have already heard of them. In 2008 […]