Curated by Arkitip

Curated by Arkitip is a project designed for Incase, aimed at delivering artistically embellished Apple® based products to users who have an appreciation for the creative arts and technology. All artists are carefully chosen by Arkitip for dedication to their respective art forms and unique points of view. The Curated by Arkitip project launches with the KRINK Sleeve, a limited-edition collaborative effort between Incase and street artist KR, creator of KRINK, a line of handmade inks and markers. KR’s products gained notoriety by their association with ùhis work in the street, the studio and by his dripping ink aesthetics.

Original artwork from Dutch artist Parra is featured in the second installment of the Curated by Arkitip series. Known for combining bright colors and his mastery of illustrated fonts with a twist of wit, Parra’s work can be seen in both the commercial and fine art worlds.

Founded in 1997, Incase is a California-based bag and case brand that creates and delivers innovative, performance-based products with clean, contemporary design for the technology, music and street culture communities. Incase is committed to designing carrying solutions that merge seamlessly with the lifestyle and needs of today’s consumer.

Arkitip is a limited-edition, hand-numbered art book that regards excellence in production as principally important. The magazine publishes site-specific artworks at a modest price to make art available to collectors at all economic levels.