Kitty, Daisy & Lewis: 300% country from London.


London is the city where new ideas come from, where past and present are mixed in order to create everytimes something different. London is the city where imagination runs from mind to mind, without limits. Could you imagine London as a country city? Kitty, Daisy & Lewis have done this! They are really young (Kitty 16, Daisy 21, Lewis 19), they are a true little family (2 sisters and 1 brother) and each of them is a multi instrumentist. Ok, their parents are involved into music system and support the guys during the gig, but it could be only an advantage for their music. And their music and their styles is influenced by country, blues and R&B, retrò and old school attitude from fourties to sixties. The last album “Kitty, Daisy and Lewis” (2008) has been recorded without computer technology and any digital format and it’s a collection of old pieces revised and this is the fill rouge. Young, pretty and talented, when you listen to the best single “Going to up the country” you cannot stay quiet and you come into the mood of all the following pieces, imagination starts to run into old american places, little green houses, a black man in front of the door, and cows around the farm but under the british sky! Could you feel a genuine energy? It was born in Uk, thanks to three little guys that are follow in love about this trip. We suggest you a listening of all the album, our favourite are also: “Mean son of A Gun” and “Ooo Wee”. Label: Sunday Best