Discovering Bad lieutenant

new order bernardWhat could happen if New order (Bernard Sumner, guitar and vocals, Phil Cunningam, guitar, Stephen Morris, drums and synthesizers)  met Alex James from Blur plus Jake Evans? An unusual partnership called Bad lieutenant! Two generations are matched togheter: the post punk and ’80 electronic dance represent the New Order’s background, the ’90 and brit pop melodies represent the Alex Jame’s. The result is a new album “Never cry another tear” that will come out on 5th October.

Now is available a first single on the web site : You have just to register into the mailing list and you can download “Sink or Swim“. The single is melodic and sweet song a little bit far away from the New Order’s attitude and more close to acoustic approach. A sign of the album? Bernard has told that the new sound follow the influences of the moment, coming from the partnerships.  But he promises that New Order’s essence never will be lost.

One Response
  1. The ablum is going to be great and the new single Sink or Swim is very good also, anything that Bernard Sumner touches gold, but one thing that is bothering me so much is the album artwork, New Order and anything related to their music comes with great artwork but the album cover for the new Bad Lieutenant album Never Cry Another Tear is totally unacceptable, anyone can make this in their home it requires no talent, I don’ think they took any time or interest to design the sleeve , it is just a BLACK & WHITE cover with a scribble, VERY VERY VERY UNACCEPTABLE, I hope you take your time to change the album cover with some art and color, here is the link so you can see it for yourself.