Metservice: Rainy days


In conjunction with relaunching it’s site, a billboard campaign was created by Y&R Wellington to show and excite people that with as their planning tool any type of day can be wonderful. For ‘rain’, simulated (and actual) rain water spun specially-designed rainbow-wheels.

Here for windy days…

3 Responses
  1. Nice billboard, great creative idea. I also talked about this campaign in my blog, but you already know that.
    Because it seems to be my pictures and my videos (my blog name is on them)…
    It’s not a matter for me, but I thought that it was polite to link me no ?

  2. perfettipietro

    Yes, you’re absolutely right! I found this in your blog (nice blog!), but it was written all i french and I can’t understand well..
    So I used your source.
    Sorry for the misunderstanding!

  3. Ok, I understand. I’ve installed a traduction plugin, but it does not works very well…
    I really like your blog too.
    See you on twitter ;)