Sensual Deformations


A tangle of dark hair cropped short, black blouse, brown trous, black sunglasses and a bag slung over her shoulder – if you’re a regular on the streets of Soho, you might see this figure stepping out of a coffeehouse.  OK, she sounds like your stereotypical New Yorker no?  Well this striving wall sculptor is on the move and goes by the name of Cristina COVUCCI.  Her compositions are “architectural deformations” that peel off the wall and uses frames to create a voyeuristic approach to peering into space.  Her medium, the most basic of basics: clay.  But her magic: an iron-like finish that completes each earthly piece in elegance.


Though being employed fulltime at one of NYC’s most exclusive art galleries, Covucci finds the energy to plow into her personal work as well as freelance for a fellow sculptor.  (Must be that Tisserie coffee?)  With The Sounds blasting through her stereo, her white-washed Williamsburg studio creations are capturing interest at an international level.  Though circumstances didn’t allow for development, Covucci was recently invited to exhibit her work at Le Carrousel du Louvre, her pieces credited as being “sensual” by Brazilian art critic and dealer Ricardo Fernandez of Paris Contemporaneo.


Photos of pieces by photographer Francis Kirigin and artist portrait by Khrystyna Chekhlata