Having Fun with a Big Wave

This is what  I was looking for ages.

The story starts 5 years ago when Jenny Lewis and Jonathan Rise, two artists bumped into each other in Los Angeles where they had to record different stuff, but they took the chance to play their respective recordings. Right in this moment, a very precious and creative partnership was born: Johnny toured with the band of Jenny (the Rabbit Fur Coat), Jenny helped Johnny writing songs and they finally ended up Having Fun now,  together in life and in tour with their group called Jenny and Johnny, indeed.

Their last creation sounds loose, mirrors the sunny California beaches, feels the good vibrations and the energy of the all-instruments-playing duo. Yet, the  cool tunes sometimes cast big issue like the economic crisis as in the song Big Wave. But, as long as the two are singing together, the crisis can wait and let forget everything with other songs like Scissor Runner.

So, if you want to have fun with them, you can take a flight and go to Minehead where they’re going to play at the APT Festival, the 12th of December, along with Wild Beasts (luv them), Best Coast, Foals, Belle and Sebastian and many many others.

Check them out.