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EDUN was founded by Ali Hewson and her husband Bono, but it is not just a fashion brand. Not just a spectacle every few months for people to look at […]


Dr Denim

If you have Doctor in front of your name people assume you are very clever and you must know a lot, especially in the subject you are doctor in. This […]



If you are like me, you haven’t got lots of cash to spend on art, but you like art and you wished you could buy some. Capsule is a recently […]



Looking at the world through rose coloured glasses. How about looking at the world through industrial felt glasses? Definitely not a material you were expecting? Well Nonomuaks new project Kickeyes […]


LONG clothing

In this day and age of pay cuts and lay offs, we need a way of expression but with simplicity and honesty. Something that is non-definable yet easily categorized. Voila […]


Rock my sweater

I would challenge anybody to say that when they have been alone listening to some rock music and the guitar solo kicks in, they have never got up and got […]


Warmest Chord

What do you really get when you download music? You have some files on your computer, there is nothing you can really touch and feel! Warmest Chord is a record […]