“Long March: Restart” Video Game Exhibition

Currently on view at New York’s MoMA PS1 (the branch of The Museum of Modern Art devoted to exhibiting contemporary work) is Beijing-based artist Feng Mengbo‘s video game installation Long March: Restart. Taking […]


The Man-Made Rainbow Machine

College professor and artist Michael Jones McKean made a machine that generates two-story rainbows with the flip of a switch. His rainbow machine is comprised of commercial jet pumps and […]


Dot to Date Calendar

Unire i puntini dal primo gennaio al 31 dicembre: se questa vi sembra una buona prospettiva per affrontare l’anno nuovo, questo calendario di Dan Usiskin non deluderà le vostre aspettative. […]


Yahoo! Bus Stop Derby

20 Mini bus shelters in San Francisco are getting a high tech makeover for two months as part of a the Yahoo Bus Stop Derby – a giant neighborhood vs. […]


Garofalo Numero Zero

Presentata da Garofalo all’ultimo Salone del Gusto di Torino, questa pasta è un piccolo concentrato di buone azioni: è prodotta con materie prime coltivate vicino allo stabilimento di Gragnano, e […]


Lipstick Enigma

Lipstick Enigma is a computer-driven sentence-generator made by Janet Zweig. The sculpture is made of 1200 resin lipsticks powered by 1200 stepper motors, controlled by 60 circuit boards. The software invents […]


Pasta Whistle

  Pasta functions as a whistle, capable of generating two different tones from one piece – a tone from each respective end. Designed by leor-lederman. | via


Yellow Pages: Reality Billboard

How do you create the ultimate reality? You take the winners of the 2 top rated reality shows in the country and set them against each other. Inside a billboard. […]


Talking Tree

Initiated by the EOS Magazine and created by Happiness Brussels, A 100 year old tree, living on the edge of Brussels, was hooked up to a fine dust meter, ozone meter, light […]


Abner Preis: “The Superhero Project”

In The Superhero Project by Abner Preis, we find the artist (as hero) performing by going to work in different cities around the world. His job is to transform experience, […]


My Own Private Milano

Prendete 20 non milanesi, dategli una macchina fotografica e lasciate che scattino una foto. Poi prendete 20 milanesi, dategli quell’immagine e ditegli di ricamarci sopra una storia. Così è nato […]