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Intervista a Salottobuono

Salottobuono nasce nel 2005 come collettore di diverse esperienze di ricerca e produzione progettuale. Indaga lo spazio urbano alla ricerca di dispositivi in grado di innescare strategie di trasformazione: temi e programmi diventano l’occasione per analisi diagrammatiche o per l’elaborazione di visioni paradossali.
L’attività di Salottobuono si articola in concorsi, workshop, progetti editoriali e incarichi di progettazione.


GreenLantern by NuDe lab and Romolo Stanco

NuDe is “Nu Design”: not only “new design” but also “now” design, contemporary. GreenLantern is a product of the work of NuDe, and is the first real design object in […]


Cloud Kami-Fusen by Yoko Noguchi

Float away on a cloud with this charming paper balloon by Yoko Noguchi from Japan. It’s white, light, and oh so dreamy and comes with everything you need to create […]



A must-see video: Letterpress from Naomie Ross about press printing. So elegant and interesting.


Cara Mug

I know, it’s the second post in few days about a mug and I promise that will be the last one for long time. How could not make a post […]



The  Postcup™ (postcard mug) is a refreshing take on the postcard concept. Your can write your greetings on it as many times as you want. You write, draw, just free your […]


The 2011 Tile Collection by Dima Loginoff For Vitra

I follow Dima Loginoff works since he started designing and this project is absolutely his masterpiece so far. I have the pleasure of knowing him personally and this tile collection […]