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Eatiquette, a dinner etiquette

If forks, dishes and spoons were real, they would probably look like the Great Gatsby or maybe Don Draper. At least, according to the opinion of Australian stylist and art […]


Hipster Branding: a parody

Think about hipster graphic identity – mags, album covers, patterns or icons on clothes, etc. Of course a common aesthetics emerges, like the massive use of slightly vintage and minimal […]


Paris versus New York

Dreaming of a pied-à-terre in Montmartre or of a loft in Upper East Side? Having a baguette for dejeuner or a bagel for brunch? Fan of Stars and Stripes or […]


Don’t you feel like dancin’?

Wanna play DanceStar Party in the shoes of Mia Wallace? Wanna impress Doctor Frank-N-Furter dancing a perfect Time Warp? Now, thanks to unconventional artist Niege Borges (Brasilian designer and illustrator) […]


Medicines for the soul: Wordpharmacy

Clearly inspired by the amazing project The Flow Market, half eco – half design, (Denmark 2004), Danish visionnaires are coming back with another mind-opening hybrid between poetry and art. Written […]


Fashion in motion: Hard Bookazine

Tired of just observing fashion? Bang go static magazines and flat websites!
In order to get fashion a shake, eclectic German designer Ruben Scupin brings the experience of vogue like never before. His Bahelor’s project, entitled HARD, is a Bookazine (of course, half a book, half a magazine) wich features all the elemets of paper crafting to make you go ‘wow’. Great graphic ideas, a little bit of popupping, lenticular images, stitching and much more. Is Conde Nast hiring, at the moment?


Max Zorn: art is mixing tape

Street art is evolving as fast as urban cultures. After the never ending fight between graffiti art (RobboWar) and new forms of street expressions, like stenciling (Bansky), now it’s time to experience different styles and materials.
Amsterdam based artist Max Zorn is able to create stunning works, using packing tape and a scalpel as his only tools. He actually uses only a single tape on a transparent surface (plexiglas), creating several layers – and so light effects – as he goes along.


Same Claims, New Condoms

Have you ever noticed how many world renowned brand payoffs are actually letting slip a double entendre? Apply them on a product like condoms and then you’ll get it. It’s […]


Disney Princesses Gone Goth

It’s no time for static fairy princesses to shine any more. Modern goth lolitas are now bursting onto the scene. If Lisbeth Salander is the new contemporary female icon, Disney […]


Small (Mad) Worlds

Dystopian universes, middle-class nightmares and surreal architecture: German photographer Frank Kunert portrays a satire of contemporary society through his intricate, flawlessly detailed miniature models. He actually creates 3D model subjects […]


I Wonder. Do you?

“’I Wonder’ is not only a source of inspiration, but also a beautiful work of art.” —HOW Magazine A joyful and enigmatic Pandora’s vase full of baroque patterns, laces and […]


Gone with the Rewind: Lomokino

Lomo addicted, fierce hipsters, vintage forgers, the time is now.
Now your niece’s pram can tumble down the stairs in a very original Odessa style, thanks to Lomokino: Lomography goes video with this 35mm Movie Camera which shoots a movie of 144 frames on any 35mm film. No sound, no special effects, no post production, but an incredibile design object to carry along with you to every indie fest. The LomoKino is also available together with the Lomokinoscope, which allows you to watch your developed LomoKino movies in the most analogue way possible (load your movie rolls into the film containers and watch the movie unfold before your very eyes).